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Documentary Producer, Director

Jalal Merhi, Producer/Director

We are proud and excited to have Producer /Director Jalal Merhi of Toronto, Canada join us to take command of production and direction of this Documentary Film.

Jalal is recognized worldwide as a premiere action-film producer after successfully delivering over 20 films worldwide within a decade in addition to numerous short film projects. Jalal Merhi has been an active member of the Arabic community since early 80's and the treasury then Vice president of the Toronto chapter of the World Lebanese Union and an active member of the Canadian Druze Society in many positions of responsibly including president, and one of the active contributing members in purchasing the Toronto CDS center, and a contributor to the LA center. For further information, please click this link:

 Project Conception and Production:

Fawwaz H. Zedan is a retired civil engineer for the state of California. Born in Um-dubabe, Jebel-al-Druze, Syria, Fawwaz completed high school in Syria before moving to the United States where he attended Montana State University and California State University, Los Angeles. He has traveled and worked extensively as a bridge and highway engineer and builder in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. Fawwaz has been a long-time political activist advocating on behalf of Arab-Americans, as well as the American Druze Society. Also, he has worked to further understanding between Arab and Jewish community leaders in Los Angeles by participating in cross-cultural dialogues and seminars. Having completed graduate courses in history at California State University, Fawwaz’s passion for uncovering and studying the vibrant history of the Druze occupies his free time. He currently resides in Pasadena.


Malek (Michael) Najjar, MFA is currently a doctoral candidate at UCLA's Department of Theater and Performance Studies, focusing his research on Arab and Arab-American Theater.  Previously, he was the chair of Theater Arts of Portland Community College, and worked as an instructor and director with Bend Theatre for Young People.  He holds his MFA from York University, and a BA from the University of New Mexico.  Malek has served on the board of directors of The American Druze Society, and has served as an editor and contributor for their publication Our Heritage Magazine

Project Research, Script and Editing

Karima Zedan, Doctoral Candidate, Constitutional Law, Temple University

Senior Advisors:

Mr. Saleem al-Israwi, Community Leader.

Fadwa el-Guindi, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, University of Southern California.

Galal el-Nahal, Ph.D., Islamic and Middle East History, University of Chicago.

Web Research, Design and Publishing

Fawzi Zedan, Multi Media Publishing, a web based, multi-lingual and educational publishing establishment, for the promotion of  Classical Arabic Musical Heritage.

Web Developer and Hosting

Omar Abuassaf, B.S., Computer Engineering, California State University Northridge.

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