Below, you see Beit al-Deen Palace, which was built by al-Ameer Basheer.  From this palace, Amir Basheer governed Lebanon for 50 years until 1840.  Amir Basheer was a decisive ruler and a brilliant politician.  He established a road infrastructure throughout many of the difficult terrains.  His rule was known for justice and affluence.  Beit al-Deen was the center for the Lebanese government until 1914, after which was used as the residence of the Lebanese president, until it was declared a historical site.  During Amir Basheer's days', the Kitchen was utilized to cook meals for 500 people daily.  The bath room was built to the Roman style architecture, and has three pools with temperature ranging from cold, warm, then hot. 

Portrait of al-Ameer Fakhr Eldeen Almani the II

Bust Statue of the Late Arab Druze Leader Kamaal Junblatt
Over the last 5 years, Beit el-Deen has become a renowned Cultural Center in Lebanon. International and Regional Music Performers gather in Beit el-Deen Music Festival annually to add to the magnificence of this place

Photos, Courtesy of Awalim wa-Asfaar, Morocco Satellite TV

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