al-Suweida, a name given to the province of Jabal al-Arab (previously Jabal al-Duruze), and to the city of Suweida, which is the main city and the capital of the province.

Jabal al-Arab is located in the southern part of Syria, surrounded by the province of Daraa (Huraan) to the West, Damascus Country side to the North, the Semi Syrian Desert (or Badiah) to the East and the country of Jordan to the South.

the province is composed of volcanic range of mountains that extend from south to north and has a wonderful natural exposure to the Northern and Western parts of Syria, of which one can see Mount Haramone to the North and the green plains of Huraan to the West.

The Province is blessed with a moderate climate year round, and a fertile soil that enhances the growing of Grape and Apple Orchards, Olive Groves, Figs, Pomegranates, Mullberries, Cherries and many other fruits. The province also supports many traditional local industries, such as Carpet weaving, Wineries, Olive Oil and many others.

Researchers and Archeologists have shown that the area has been inhabited long before the recorded history, and major powers throughout the known history have left their imprints on the landscape of Jabal al-Arab.  There are four cities and towns, that have had historical  importance over the last 3000 years.  These are the City of Suweida, Shahba, Salkhad and Kanawaat. These gallery pages provide but a glimpse of the past glory of this part of the world.

For more historical details, and providing that the reader can read Arabic, we recommend a wonderful web site that has a detailed history of the area:

Map of the Province of al-Suweida

al-Suweida Museum, was completed and opened in 1990, and was built on 5200 Sq. Meters.
It contains many antiquities from several historical periods, and is a popular center for Archeologists
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Jabal al-druze is known for its folkloric music and dancing
These pictures show the province folkloric group performing in the Basra Amphitheater

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Music Courtesy of Yihya al-Qintar, Folk artist, Jabal al-Arab

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